I have extensive experience in iOS programming with Objective-C and Swift, using the established design patterns of the Cocoa Touch framework.

I am also proficient with client-side web development with JavaScript MVCs such as Backbone.js and Angular.js, HTML5 and CSS3, using tools such as less, sass and grunt. I am fluent on Node.js.

I have solid knowledge of PHP and the WordPress platform, building custom functionality themes and plugins, with automation tools like grunt.

I subscribe to modern development principles, and understand how to translate business needs into business value.

Project GridRabbit
Project Boksøk
Project #lillygram

iOS developer – GridRabbit™

The GridRabbit™ energy management system offers businesses and homeowners a sophisticated cutting edge, yet simple tool for monitoring and controlling electrical loads in real-time, thus saving considerable time and money.

End-to-end development responsibilities for iOS app for Silicon Valley energy management startup Smart Grid Billing Inc.

The app is currently in private beta.

Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, RestKit, Node.js, amqp,, express, git

Developer – Leser søker bok

Project Boksøk
Reading ordinary books poses a difficulty to 30% of the Norwegian population. The reasons for this are numerous, but one common factor prevails: It is difficult to find suitable books. Our goal is to make literature available for everyone. Nobody should be left out of the ability to read a good book! Leser søker bok (Books for everyone) supports and promotes adapted books.

Our team developed new web pages for "Leser søker bok", including their book database search site "Boksøk". The sites were developed in a multi-site and multi-theme environment, where we tweaked the framework and grunt to support a base theme and multiple child themes.

PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, less, sass, grunt,, git

Developer - #lillygram

Project #lillygram
Send Instagram photos as letters to friends and family

Co-developer and co-founder of Instagram photo-print sharing service, developed with Node.js, (Backend-as-a-Service), Backbone.js, Angular.js, HTML5 and CSS3.

We took this product from idea to first paying customer in 6 weeks!

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